High Achiever, if your profits have plateaued and you’re not getting the business results you desire,

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“Not working with Shontaye is like leaving money on the table!” ~ Andrea Scott

So, Are You Ready?

Profit Is The New Black® offers solutions for the motivated service-based female entrepreneur to help you get to the six and seven-figure business of your dreams. We provide access to resources, systems, strategies, and support that meets you where you are while propelling you to the next level. We help you build a profitable business while also empowering you to step into your true potential and power confidently, because that’s our thing!

Clients can work with us in various ways, depending on their unique business goals and needs. 

Coaching & Consulting

Whether you need guidance for two hours, one day, or six months, we have you covered! Coaching is a high-touch, personal experience that provides a deep dive into your profits and identifies money leaks and profit traps that may be stunting your growth. You’ll walk away from our coaching sessions with:


Profit and cash flow strategies to consistently attract clients and achieve your money goals


Guidance for building practical systems that save you time and money


A clear strategy to price your services for profit without losing clients


Direction on how to create leverage for more significant profit and ROI on your marketing efforts


Practical advice on what actions you should be taking (and what you shouldn’t) to increase your revenue and boost your bottom line (my favorite line)

Our Programs & Services

Unlimited Profits™ Private Coaching

Our signature private coaching program for high-achieving, service-based women entrepreneurs who are making at least $50K annually and want personalized accountability and support to fast-track their success and turn their goals into money in the bank.

Paid And Profitable™ Mastermind

A high-level 6-month mastermind for ambitious service-based women entrepreneurs who want to go from underpaid and overworked to paid and profitable without working 80+ hours a week.

The Predictable Profits Lab

 Our 8-week group program, designed to help service-based women entrepreneurs attract more clients and build a consistently and predictably profitable business.

Double Your Profits VIP Day

A half or full-day experience with Shontaye, focused on identifying and implementing the best action steps, strategies, and systems that help women entrepreneurs grow their business, increase their revenue, and double their profits.

Powerhouse Profit Intensive

A two-hour, laser-focused private coaching session where we identify and map out action steps women entrepreneurs can take immediately to accelerate their profits, achieve their goals and grow their business!

Courses & Training

We offer an array of comprehensive courses and training sessions to help you stop playing it safe, increase your revenue, and ultimately boost your profits!

Client Testimonials

The blueprint for a profitable business lives here. We’ll work together to help you get results like some of my clients:

“I thought I had my business all figured out before I worked with Shontaye. I had plenty of clients and things were good! But I needed to increase my rates and started getting nervous. “What if my existing clients leave? What if I don’t get any new clients?” Shontaye taught me the proper way to increase my rates and not only keep my existing clients, but gain new ones as well. I increased my rates… and my business is still growing!”

Michelle Chester

EBM Professional Services

“After many years of success in corporate, I decided that it was time to explore entrepreneurship. I booked a VIP day with Shontaye and admittedly I was nervous. Shontaye helped me develop a tangible plan, clarified my products and services and hone in on my target audience. As a result of the strategies she taught me, I generated $25k income in less than 4 months and made back the money and then some that I invested in my VIP day. Thank you Shontaye for believing in me and helping me achieve my business goals!”

Shawntee Reed

“I worked with Shontaye over the past three months and since then, not only have I started seeing more consistent income being generated in my freelance writing business, but we’ve also put together an action plan that has helped me so far to triple the revenue I used to generate month-to-month!”

Jasmine York Ball

BTM Writing Services

“Shontaye is THE TRUTH! She has saved my business, let me tell you! There is truth in everything she speaks. The money mindset is powerful and will unlock you to receive more blessings. I wouldn’t still be in business if it wasn’t for your coaching, Shontaye

Sonya Moore

Moore Planning & Consulting

“Shontaye Hawkins is truly amazing. I am implementing things she revealed to me in our session together and I’m watching my bottom line grow. Thanks, Shontaye!

Dortha Hise

Pretty Smart VA Services

“I posted my offer on Linkedin and my Facebook page and got 1 client thus far (that’s $5,000 in revenue in 2 days)! Shontaye Hawkins you are the bomb.com. This was right on time for me and well worth the investment. Thank you for that one action step.”

Sandra Chaney

Now, it’s your turn! 

How much revenue and profit can I help you generate?

Our Products

Profit Is The New Black: Key Action Steps To Boost Your Bottom Line

 This book is loaded with business strategies and action steps to dispel the belief that it takes money to make money. It actually takes action – consistent action.

Pricing Pro Course

A mini-course taking service-based women entrepreneurs from undercharging and overwhelmed to paid and profitable, in less than 30 days!


Shontaye, a powerful keynote speaker and trainer, always gives it to you straight! Her no-nonsense, personable approach motivates and empowers entrepreneurs to step out and step up in their business. She will teach you how to create a sustainable business that generates massive profits and hold you accountable for each goal. 

Shontaye’s signature speaking topics include:


Big Money Strategies To Double Your Revenue And Profit


Show Me The Revenue: 7 Ways To Turn Every Day Into A Payday


There’s A Price For That


5 Habits of Highly Profitable Women

Places Shontaye has spoken:

A Special Note From Shontaye

I’ve discovered that success is not about the best strategy, the numbers, or the hottest, bright, shiny object; it’s about how you see yourself and who you choose to be in life and business. Here’s how I know.

Before starting my business, my plan and goal were to leave corporate America someday and run my business full-time. The thought would excite me, but I was too busy “getting ready to take action” and also comfortable with those bi-monthly paychecks.

The truth was, “someday” wasn’t going to come until I stopped talking about what I wanted and started taking consistent action to turn my dream business into a reality.

Deep down, I was blocking my success because I didn’t feel worthy. I was afraid of succeeding just as much as I was scared of failure. This fear kept me planning and procrastinating, all the while pushing my dreams further away.

Everything changed for me when I received my MBA and lost my job and grandmother within a few short weeks. Those life-altering events forced me to realize the American Dream of “security” wasn’t “secure” at all. I realized there was a risk in all things, and running a business didn’t have any more risk than being laid off. The real danger was in not believing in myself, not betting on me, and not living my dreams.

Yes, while my coaching centers around building highly profitable women-owned businesses, often, that means helping my clients embrace their true potential and align with their core power, fully and completely. That’s what my work entails. 

High Achiever, you’re invited to step in and experience what it means to be free, be powerful and be profitable.


I can’t help you come up with more excuses, but I can help you accelerate your profits.

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