Position Yourself for Promotion and Achieve the Career Success You’ve Always Dreamed Of

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How frustrating is it to get passed up for promotion over and over again? You know you’re well-qualified for the position. Your co-workers know it. Everybody knows it. You’re a team player with a great attitude and strong work ethic.

“What’s wrong with me? Everyone else gets promoted and has a successful career. When will my time come?”

Do you lack proactivity and initiative?

Do your communication skills need to be improved?

Should you just go ahead and get that MBA you’ve been thinking about?

It makes you angry because you’ve been doing this for years. You don’t need more experience or education. You know what you’re doing and can do it just as well (if not better) than those who have been promoted before you!

Maybe your manager just doesn’t like you.

“What do your co-workers have that you don’t?”

“Why are you stuck at this level while your friends’ careers continue to progress?”

Stop comparing yourself to others. Stand in your unique power and purpose. Get out of the back seat and into the driver seat. It’s time to take control of advancing your career and defining success for yourself. We’re going to show you exactly how to do it.

Emergence Success Solutions will partner with you to:


    • Improve your effectiveness in your current role
    • Position yourself for promotion and the dream career you’ve always wanted
    • Develop a plan to become more visible in the company so that you’re seen as a valuable asset
    • Enhance your communication, interpersonal and leadership skills
    • Live a life of purpose, freedom, happiness and success[/check_list]

As we work together, you’ll:


    • Gain clarity on the vision and goals for advancing your career and life
    • Create a strategy to move from employee to business leader
    • Define success for yourself and create a plan to excel in all areas of your life
    • Overcome limiting beliefs that keep you from achieving your personal and professional goals[/check_list]

Let Shontaye help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

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