Enhance Your Leadership Skills, Achieve Better Career and Family Balance and Reach Your Professional and Personal Goals

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It’s been another long, hard day at work. You never thought this new leadership role would take so much out of you. There are always strict deadlines to meet (which your team hasn’t done a great job of doing lately). There’s internal conflict amongst your team members that needs to be resolved. The stress and pressure is just so overwhelming at times. It seems you’re constantly having to “put out fires”, with little time to focus or prioritize.

Too bad your day isn’t quite over. Once you do make it home (this is the second time this week you’ve been late for dinner), you’ll have just enough time to tuck the kids in for bed. Then, you have some work to finish up because your team has dropped the ball once again.


Are you feeling alone, overwhelmed and frustrated in your new leadership role?

Do you find yourself compromising the time you would normally spend with your family to handle work-related issues?

Do you wish you had the right systems in place to balance it all and better manage your time?

Let us help you structure your life so that you achieve both your professional and personal goals!

Emergence Success Solutions will partner with you to:


      • Significantly improve your team’s performance and productivity
      • Effectively communicate in a way that motivates your team to put their best foot forward
      • Develop strategies and tactics to resolve internal conflicts that hinder your department’s progress
      • Improve your delegation and time management skills so that your personal life is not compromised
      • Create a solid plan to achieve more balance around your career and family[/check_list]

As we work together you’ll:


      • Understand your leadership role and style so that you can better empower your team
      • Obtain clarity and focus on the vision and goals for your professional and personal life
      • Set up boundaries and systems that allow you to maintain a family-oriented lifestyle[/check_list]

Let Shontaye help you clarify your role, your vision and develop a strategy to propel your team, your career and your life forward.

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Because it’s your time!

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