Show Me The Profit Virtual Workshop

Your Personal Step by Step Profit Game Plan

The TRUTH is…

It doesn’t take money to make money. It takes ACTION.

And, not just any action…

It takes the right, consistent actions to generate consistent cash flow and profits.

What if you knew what those actions were? What if you had a customized step by step, strategic plan to make money, consistently – month after month, in your business?

You don’t have to keep wondering.

That’s exactly what you’ll get when you join me for my upcoming virtual workshop, “Show Me The Profit” on Friday, Dec 4th!

BYOB (Bring Your Own Business) and I’ll bring the strategies to increase your cash flow and accelerate your profits!

ShontayeI’m Shontaye Hawkins, the Bottom Line Strategist™ and I work with small business owners, just like you to eliminate money leaks and income barriers so you get access to the capital, resources and strategies you need to grow your business. During my career with Fortune 500 companies such as Goldman Sachs and Bank of New York, I worked with top business leaders to build wealth in excess of $1 billion (yes, $1 billion) and attract high net worth clients. Since starting my business, I’ve helped my clients rapidly increase their profits, attract new clients and achieve massive business growth. I know what it takes to keep your profits in the black (making money!). And I’m going to share how you can do the same during this profit-building workshop.

Warning: This event isn’t for everyone. (Only 10 spots available)

It’s for you if…. you’re ready to get rid of the sexy band-aids and stop making excuses for not making the money you desire and deserve. If you want a real plan to attract high paying clients, create a surge of cash flow and consistently keep your profits in the black – making money, then I invite you to join me.

This is an opportunity for me to work with you to put a strategic action plan and system in place to infuse your business with profits and flood your bank account with cash.

We’re going to work together to identify the issues in your business and fix them. This is a “fixers” workshop! If you want to really fix the challenges you’re facing as it relates to generating revenue, setting (and increasing) your fees, creating your marketing plan and accelerating your profits, then you’re going to absolutely love this virtual workshop!

During this highly interactive, results driven virtual event, I’ll teach the profit-building strategies and you’ll do the implementation but I’ll be right there guiding and supporting you. All you need is a computer and phone to attend!

Now, here’s your opportunity to begin making the money you desire and deserve. Join me on Friday, Dec 4th for this virtual workshop, “Show Me The Profit”! That’s right I’m going to spend 3 full hours with you to create your personal Profit Game Plan so begin the new year ready to achieve and exceed your 2016 revenue and profit goals! Now, how cool is that?!?

Wow, Shontaye! This is exactly what I need! Tell me more!

Profit Is The New BlackTM Webinar

Here’s what you’ll learn during this highly interactive, profit building virtual workshop:

Call #1  – Friday, Dec 4th 10 am Central (11 am Eastern, 9 am Mountain, 8 am Pacific)

Part 1: Clarify, Identify and Understand Your Real Cost of Doing Business

  • How to set (and increase) your fees so attract clients and make more money
  • The most overlooked expense and why it’s critical to building a profitable business
  • Identify and eliminate money leaks and increase your cash flow now!

Call #2 – Friday, Dec 4th 12 pm Central (1 pm Eastern, 11 am Mountain, 10 am Pacific)

Part 2: Create Your Revenue & Profit Game Plan 

  • Create a plan that will help you reach your goals and eliminate financial surprises
  • How much revenue you need to generate  to be profitable
  • How to design a system to review, monitor and ensure your goals are achieved

Call #3 – Friday, Dec 4th 2 pm Central (3 pm Eastern, 1 pm Mountain, 12 pm Pacific)

Part 3: Implementing Your Profit Game Plan and Next Steps

  • Create a strategy to attract paying clients and accelerate your income
  • Clarify action steps and marketing efforts to support your revenue and profit goals
  • How to stay on track and move your business to the next level 

And much, much more!

No more guesswork! By the end of this profit-driven virtual workshop, you’ll have your customized strategic Profit Game Plan to generate massive revenue, attract paying clients and achieve your profit goals!

Wow, Shontaye! I’m ready to increase, accelerate and maximize my profits!

What’s my investment?

Secure your spot today for just $800 $500 or 2 payments of $275. I know. The value is unparalleled (some may even call me crazy), but I wanted to make this super easy for you to say “YES”. If you desire to generate MASSIVE PROFITS and grow your business then, here’s your opportunity.

Hurry! There’s only 10 seats available… 

Full Pay of $500

2 Payments of $275

 Shontaye helped me generate $5,ooo in less than a week after the workshop!

Sandra M“I posted my offer on Linkedin and my Facebook business page and got 1 client thus far (that’s $5,000 in revenue in 2 days)!!!! SHONTAYE HAWKINS you are the Thank you for that one action step. This was right on time for me and well worth the investment.”

Sandra M. Chaney - Amazon Bestselling Author, Grant/Proposal Coach, Speaker, Writer
- Sandra Chaney Enterprises

Where do I sign up?

I definitely want YOU to get in on this great opportunity, so click here so we can talk through this workshop together to see if this is a good fit for you and your business.

Plus, you’ll also get the following bonuses, valued at over $2000, to make 2016 highly profitable!

Profit Building Bonuses:

Bonus - Emergence Success Solutions

  • 30 minute private, laser coaching session (7 – 10 days following the workshop) to help you stay focused on achieving your goals and results (value $797)
  • Access to profit building workbook, action sheets, and templates (value $597)
  • Access to the audio recordings of the entire “Show Me The Profit” virtual workshop (that’s three hours of high-value content you can add to your success library and listen to over and over again!) ($697 value) 

I’d love to reserve my spot for a low, “no-brainer” investment of $800 $500 or 2 payments of $275 and receive all of the fantastic bonuses valued at over $1000!

Let me help you design your personal Profit Game Plan so you achieve massive growth, success and profits! 

Full Pay of $500

2 Payments of $275

 Shontaye helped me launch my first marketing training camp!

Linda Lee Rahn“I never would have scheduled this marketing training camp if it weren’t for this workshop with Shontaye! This is the first time I’ve offered this training camp. I enrolled 6 people and made 235% of my investment!”

Linda Lee Rahn - The Branding & Marketing Quarterback for Women Solopreneurs - The Fabulous Linda Lee
 Shontaye helped me generate $8,8oo in 11 days!

Rachel Parker“OMG, what a day! I was expecting a powerful VIP session with Shontaye Hawkins, but dayumm! Ready to hit the ground running and create pure awesomeness for the remainder of 2014. Major cool stuff in the works from Resonance!”

Rachel Parker - Content Marketing Strategist - Resonance Content Marketing
Shontaye helped me generate $2,ooo in less than 3 weeks!

Wendy Y Bailey

“Shontaye was truly there at a time when I needed direct coaching to rebuild my confidence and faith in my ability to do business. She challenged me to look at my revenue goals and pushed me to achieve them. Her accountability helped me to generate $2,000 in income in less than 3 weeks! How kewl is that?!””

Wendy Y. Bailey - Master Business Coach, CEC, C.NLP - The Group Coaching Institute

About Shontaye:

Shontaye Hawkins | Business CoachBottom Line Strategist™ Shontaye Hawkins uses her extensive finance background and ability to “see through the numbers” to get your Profit Game Plan for success. She helps you eliminate money leaks, gain the clarity and confidence you need to position yourself, identify your very own profit strategy – based on YOUR goals and YOUR dreams – and ultimately, achieve growth + profit for MEGA results.

Shontaye gets your profits rolling with winning solutions to define, create and cultivate true success in all areas – in life and in business. She has worked for Fortune 500 companies such as Goldman Sachs & Co. and Bank of New York, in addition to other industry leaders like Grant Thornton. Shontaye is passionate about encouraging entrepreneurs and business professionals to reach their full potential and build successful, more profitable futures, starting today.

Known as the Bottom Line Strategist™, Shontaye inspires and empowers you to move beyond dreaming of a better life to demanding it and making it happen. She is committed to helping you unlock the success you imagine, the success you believe is possible, and the success you desire to emerge through you and for you.