Hitting 6 Figures Is Closer Than You Think
If You Do This One Small Action Step...
Contrary to what others say, your personal life doesn’t have to suffer because you're building a business.

Nor, does your business have to end up like 50% of small businesses that fail within 1 year and 85% within 5 years.

See, I have the solution and system to grow your business.

That's why I'm inviting you to join me for the Be PROFITABLE Planning + Mastermind Retreat for women entrepreneurs, June 11th-14th at a beautiful, luxury home in Dallas, TX.

Imagine knowing the exact action steps you can implement immediately to attract more clients, fast track your income, and impact more lives without sacrificing your freedom...

When you take action and join me in Dallas, I'm going to show you how
to make it happen with your very own customized...
6 Figure Profit Plan
Book your complimentary call today to learn how you can join us!

There's only 3 spots remaining!

What's Included

  • Customized 6 Figure Revenue + Profit Plan
  • Accelerated Mastermind Sessions To Skyrocket Your Results
  • Laser Focused Business Labs To Help You With Pricing, Marketing, Sales & More!
  • Private Coaching and Guest Speakers To Deepen Your Learning
  • Luxury Accomodations Because You Deserve The Best
  • Dallas' Best Private Chef (All Meals Included)
  • And lots of laughs, sisterhood and fun!
You Can Build A Profitable Life And Business
No, you don't have to work longer hours and miss out on key moments with your loved ones.

You just need my proven system - The Ultimate Profit System - to build a profitable 6 figure business.
Be Free. Be Powerful. Be Profitable.
"I had the immense pleasure of spending the last 4 days with beautiful, powerful souls at the Be Profitable Retreat. I can't describe the experience because words would do it no justice. But if you know you've been playing way too small and you want to get bigger checks without working harder, you need to connect with Shontaye right now today!"
~ Chanelle Yarber | Digital Marketing Strategist
"Coming into this retreat, I didn't know what to expect. I had no idea about the transformation that was going to take place. I thought I would just learn a few business tips, but I was completely shocked by the life lessons and introspection that took place. I came out a changed person from this retreat. I never knew I needed this, but I'm so glad I got to experience it. Everyone should take a leap of faith and go. The knowledge you learn at this retreat can not be duplicated or replicated."
~ Olivia Davis | Virtual Assistant
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Bottom Line Strategist™ Shontaye Hawkins uses her extensive finance background and ability to “see through the numbers” to get your Profit Game Plan for success. She helps you eliminate money leaks, gain the clarity and confidence you need to position yourself, identify your very own profit strategy – based on YOUR goals and YOUR dreams – and ultimately, achieve growth + profit for MEGA results.

Shontaye gets your profits rolling with winning solutions to define, create and cultivate true success in all areas – in life and in business. She has worked for Fortune 500 companies such as Goldman Sachs & Co. and Bank of New York, in addition to other industry leaders like Grant Thornton. Shontaye is passionate about encouraging entrepreneurs and business professionals to reach their full potential and build successful, more profitable futures, starting today.
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