FREE Webinar ~ Wed., March 22nd! No More Guessing What To Charge!

Join Bottom Line Strategist, Shontaye Hawkins as she shares the exact steps to charge what you deserve and get paid what you desire in this FREE training, Wed., Mar 22nd 7p CST / 8p EST

  • How much to charge so you generate profit, consistently
  • How to raise your fees without losing clients (and money!) but instead make more money
  • What to do if a potential client thinks your price is too high
  • How to avoid the #1 pricing pitfall

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Bottom Line Strategist™ Shontaye Hawkins uses her extensive finance background and ability to “see through the numbers” to get your Profit Game Plan for success. She helps you eliminate money leaks, gain the clarity and confidence you need to position yourself, identify your very own profit strategy – based on YOUR goals and YOUR dreams – and ultimately, achieve growth + profit for MEGA results.

Shontaye gets your profits rolling with winning solutions to define, create and cultivate true success in all areas – in life and in business. She has worked for Fortune 500 companies such as Goldman Sachs & Co. and Bank of New York, in addition to other industry leaders like Grant Thornton. Shontaye is passionate about encouraging entrepreneurs and business professionals to reach their full potential and build successful, more profitable futures, starting today.