Money Going Out Faster Than It's Coming In?

The first of the month is approaching and bills are due. Yet, there seems to be more money going out than coming in.

So now, what?

You’re not charging enough and you know your services are worth more.

Is this really the dream business you had in mind? I can answer that question – no, it’s not!

You’ve asked your peers and the industry “gurus” yet you still don’t have a clear answer on how much to charge for your products and services….until today!

You’re a lot like one of my clients, Rachel, you’re not charging enough but you don’t know how much to charge. Now you do! I’m showing you how in my free Price for Profit Bundle.

The bundle includes a 60-minute audio training, an action guide and the Price for Profits template, which together will help you:

  • Determine how much more you need to charge
  • Decide how many clients you need to generate a profit
  • Understand what you’re really making on a hourly basis
  • Clarify how much of your income should go towards expenses
  • Eliminate all the stress, frustration and uncertainty out of pricing so you can generate profits

Normally I charge for these materials.  But every business owner and entrepreneur needs to know how to price for profit, and this is a gift I want to give you for being a part of my community.

I can’t wait for you to experience more clarity and confidence in pricing your products and services!

Here’s To Your Success,

Shontaye Hawkins
Bottom Line StrategistTM

"Before I met Shontaye... well, I'll just come right out and say it: I was scared. I was watching the money in my bank account go down month after month, and I knew if something didn't change, eventually it would all run out and I'd be back in a cubicle, working to make someone else's dreams come true. Shontaye showed me how to start thinking like a CEO, take charge of my business' finances, and build systems to ensure profits (not just revenue). In just one month, I went from losing money to double-digit profits. Now the future's so bright, I gotta wear shades!"

Rachel Parker
Founder & CEO, Resonance Content Marketing

"Shontaye was truly there at a time when I needed direct coaching to rebuild my confidence and faith in my ability to do business. She challenged me to look at my revenue goals and pushed me to achieve them. Her accountability helped me to generate $2,000 in income in less than 3 weeks! How kewl is that?!"

Wendy Y. Bailey - Master Business Coach, CEC, C.NLP
The Group Coaching Institute