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"The most anticipated
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Key Action Steps To Boost Your Bottom Line

“It doesn’t take money to make money,
it takes action - consistent action.”

As an attorney with my own practice, Shontaye Hawkins’ new book, “Profit is the New Black,” is exactly what I’ve needed to turn what I love doing into an extremely profitable business.

~ Sharon Hotchkiss, Attorney at Law
“Profit Is The New Black” doesn’t make “the numbers” feel overwhelming. It provides clearly defined action steps to guide you in reaching your profit goals. Every entrepreneur should have this tool as a resource.

~ Miara Shaw, Personal Development Coach | Author | Speaker

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Building Your Business Just Got A Whole Lot More Profitable…

When your profits are hurting, everything is the worst.

Know what I mean?

...your stomach feels like a Twister...’re worried about how it’s all going to work out or how you’re going to get to that next level…
...and you can’t even check your account balance...

What if you NEVER had to feel that way again–what if you could get...

BETTER Clients. BIGGER Dollars. BALLER Profits.

That idea was the biggest inspiration for my new book… disprove the belief that it takes money to make money, it takes ACTION–right, consistent action.

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“It doesn’t take money to make money,
it takes action - consistent action.”

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Game. Changer. Those were the first words that came to mind when I read Shontaye Hawkins’s new book, Profit Is The New Black. The strategies and tactics Shontaye shares to grow an amazingly profitable business are simple, yet so profound and impactful. Whether you are a veteran business owner who has been in the game for a while or an aspiring entrepreneur with nothing but an idea and a dream, if true financial freedom and success is your goal, read Profit Is The New Black TODAY.

~ Lavada Thompson, Entrepreneur
What I love about “Profit is the New Black” is that Shontaye Hawkins has given you the plan to build a business that will be profitable! She's taken her time, laid out her expertise, crafted lots of tools and shows today's entrepreneur how to get beyond the statistics to join the 10.73% of business owners that are building profitable businesses. If you're just getting started or ready to finally profit in your business, this is a resource you need in your professional library.

~ Darnyelle A. Jervey, MBA CEO Incredible One Enterprises, LLC.
This book is packed with powerful stories and business strategies told by someone who walks her talk. This is a must-read for anyone who truly wants to succeed in business. It will inspire you to live a life of significance and will give you the wisdom to take charge of your own economy. “Profit Is The New Black” has timeless advice that can never go out of style.

~ Jeff Crilley, CEO of Real News PR
It’s official—Shontaye Hawkins is THE no-nonsense business coach who’s all about results! If you’re looking for rainbows and unicorns, “Profit Is the New Black” is not the book for you. But if you want solid, actionable advice to help you start building a profitable business today, buy this book and start reading -- NOW!

~Rachel Parker, CEO of Resonance Content Marketing

My name is Shontaye Hawkins, MBA and Bottom Line Strategist™.

I create Profit Game Plans for Fortune 500 Companies and 6 and 7 figure Entrepreneurial Heroes.

Aside from crunching numbers (and booming profits), I coach, teach, lead and customize strategies and systems that keep profits in the black...that keep people making money and continuing to grow!

Profits that give back, earn stacks, and help you stop looking back...

Let’s forget all those days trapped in The Dreaded RED together.

Those days are over.

This book was written for business owners that are hustling for massive, No-Nonsense Profits.

Because it doesn’t take money to make money,
it takes action - consistent action.

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