Giving Back

I believe that we should give. I often think about tithing and giving back – it doesn’t always mean you’re giving physical money or dollars. Time, energy and effort are ways we can give of ourselves as well. Even just sitting and listening. I think about my mentors. My managers along the way who encouraged me and gave that to me.

What goes around comes around. You plant seeds. When you plant seeds of goodness, those things sprout and grow. And you grow. When you’ve given to others without any attachment or asking for anything in return, there will always be need support and guidance. You’ll want to give to others.

When you give, your world opens up. People can see into your heart.

I believe firmly in the law of reciprocity – what you put out, you get back. When you do good, you receive good. Smile at others, even if it seems like they’re not smiling back—you’ll still be making an impact. When you freely give to yourself, someone else will be there to receive it and also to give it right back.

It’s a good feeling to be able to give. I was BORN to change the world. I was. And so were you. One person at a time – not trying to reach one million. This is my fingerprint and it extends beyond my time period on earth.

Wishing the best life has to offer,


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