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“Success is found in the lives of those who commit and have an uncompromising desire to succeed” – Shontaye Hawkins, MBA ~ Success Coach, Speaker


If you want to maximize performance, grow your business or advance your career, then Emergence Success Solutions has exactly what you need. We help our clients not only perceive their goals but live their goals, starting today. For the corporate/business leader, the entrepreneur and the business professional and/or individual, see the detailed outline below of how we can help move you to the next level.  Our goal is to help:


  • Unlock the success you imagine,
  • Unlock the success you believe is possible,
  • Unlock the success you desire to emerge through you and for you.


ESS is destined to be the premier coaching and training company. We work with businesses and individuals all over the world. Our CEO and founder, Shontaye Hawkins, a highly sought after Success Coach and Speaker, believes, “success is unique to each of us. It’s your very own gift to the world.” And she is committed to providing tools and resources to help you unlock the doors of success in your business, your career and your life. She is supported by a team who strives for and delivers excellence daily, and that excellence is passed on to our clients.

How Shontaye and ESS Help You Move To The Next Level:


  • Corporate Business Leaders ~ MAXIMIZE Performance Learn More
  • Business Professionals ~ ADVANCE your career Learn More
  • Entrepreneurs ~ GROW your business Learn More


As a result of working with Shontaye, you’ll receive winning solutions that cultivate true success in all areas of your life.

“You can imagine the life of your dreams, or live the life of your dreams; the difference lies in your actions,” Shontaye says.

Are you ready to take action and boldly move forward to your next level of success?

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