Profit Planning Session

Accelerate your profits with a 90-minute coaching session to get laser focused and intentional on getting results that impact your Bottom Line. Cha Ching! This is NOT a fluffy, woo woo session. Quite the opposite, you bring your game face and we’ll identify practical strategies and action steps to increase and keep your profits in the black (making money!)

Some of the things we will cover include:

  • Profit and Cash Flow strategies to consistently achieve your money goals
  • The next right steps you need to take to increase your profits NOW!
  • How to turn things around, leverage your time and implement systems to grow your bottom line

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Bottom Line Bootcamp – A 6 Month Group Coaching Program

It’s said that the entrepreneurial journey is a lonely one. But the truth is, you don’t have to build your business alone. You can have it all – success, growth, profits and community. In our 6 month Bottom Line Bootcamp, we will help you position your business for MEGA results through our monthly mastermind and accountability calls. Get the support of your “Profit Community” and learn and grow with other like-minded business owners.

  • Learn profit focused strategies to achieve your money goals
  • Understand what the numbers are telling you and what actions you can take immediately to boost your bottom line.
  • Learn how to price your products and services for profit
  • Accountability – no more excuses with a partner to help you stay on track and maximize your results
  • Leverage your time and make more money with systems – no more sacrificing your family and personal time.
  • Grow your business and build partnerships with the support of your “Profit Community”

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Bottom Line Strategy Individual Coaching

Ready for massive growth? Work with me one-on-one to fast-track your success and get profitable more quickly. You’ll get laser-focus, clarity, practical action steps and accountability as we work together to create a Profit Game Plan – unique to your business – to help you:

  • Get your life back with essential business systems to attract and retain clients (so you can stop doing things that aren’t earning you money and actually spend time on only things that matter!)
  • Discover your most critical money-making tasks (the 80/20 rule!)
  • Eliminate the guesswork in your business with a Profit Game Plan to make more money
  • Accountability to stay on track, keep you moving and live the entrepreneurial dream as we work together to help you continue taking the right actions
  • Learn how to be consistent, create intentional success in your business and take  money-making actions
  • Maximize your profits by eliminating money leaks in your business
  • Learn how to price your products and services correctly and accelerate your revenue
  • How to increase your fees without fear of losing clients

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Bottom Line VIP Day

You’re invited to join me here in Dallas, Texas, for a full day, one-on-one, in-person Bottom Line VIP Day. You’ll spend an entire day with me focused 100% on you and your business and getting more profits. A VIP Day gives you a specific roadmap – totally unique to you and your business. We will create a Profit Game Plan that will keep you on track to grow your business and make more money doing what you love!

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Bottom Line Company Consulting

Are you a high six or seven figure earner unsure of how to grow OR are you experiencing cash flow issues OR are you wanting to re-focus your energy for greater profits and more time freedom? My Bottom Line Company Consulting program is designed specifically for the entrepreneur who is looking to grow, but needs more than an accountant. For six months, I work alongside you and we go under the hood of your business to look at profit margins, cash flow, and strategies to create leverage for greater profit and ROI on your marketing efforts. We evaluate your team, pricing, structure, marketing efforts, budgets and develop a plan for:

  • More Leverage
  • More Passive Income
  • More Profits

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