You hop on a discovery session with a potential client. You’re really excited about the conversation because you know you can help them.

Then it happens.

You know, that point in the conversation where they ask, “how much does THIS cost”?

That question sets off what feels like a fire alarm of anxiety and stress. Your heart starts to race. You start to feel like you’re sprinting up a hill.

You want them to pick you, to choose you…so you give them a price they can’t refuse.

In the back of your mind, you’re thinking this is an easy yes because you gave them your very BEST rate.

As you wait for their response, you prepare yourself to share the details on how they move forward with you as a client.

But then, it happens.

They utter those dreaded words, “I can’t afford it.”

Your mind goes into overdrive trying to identify why this happened.

Take a deep breath.

Who you are and what you’re worth does NOT equal the price of your products and services.

The feelings of rejection can happen when your prices are rooted in fear and aligned with seeking approval instead of the value, results and transformation you help your clients create.

People don’t pay you what you’re worth. They pay you what you ask for.

Are you pricing your products and services in hopes that your potential client will approve and say yes? Or, are you standing in your power and pricing for profit?

If you’re seeking approval with your prices you’ll miss experiencing what it feels like to truly be profitable in life and business. You risk having more – more choices, more options, more impact and yes, more income.

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