Building a business is a lot like putting a puzzle together. Sometimes you see exactly how the pieces fit together and other times you’re stuck and confused by all the many parts that just don’t seem to fit. Systems have a way of taking mundane, time consuming tasks and turning them into manageable elements that not only save you time but make you money.

In my opinion, a great system does both.

When business owners don’t have systems in place or they aren’t using them consistently, this impacts their ability to serve their clients effectively and experience time and profit freedom.

At the end of the day, your systems should support the overall goals of your business and keep your profits in the black – which means you’re making money!

You can have a system for every area of your business. If any of those systems hinder your ability to serve your clients, experience more freedom and make money, it should be replaced.

Below are 7 of my favorite systems plus one system format that I don’t recommend and why.

  1. Evernote – This system/app is great for note-taking. I love the fact that I can jot down ideas, map out programs and make lists all without needing to have a pen and paper handy.
  2. Voxer – This system allows you to connect with your team and clients via audio and text. It’s basically a walkie talkie.
  3. Google Drive – This is one of my favs because I can access my content from any computer just by simply logging in.
  4. Zoom – Great for all kinds of online meetings and events. Plus, it’s kept so many of us connected during the pandemic.
  5. Calendly – My scheduling tool of choice because it’s super easy to set up.
  6. Stripe / Paypal – Well, who doesn’t like seeing payment notifications come through. Need I say more!
  7. SamCart – I like the fact that this shopping cart platform is pretty easy to set up and sell your products and services online.

Now, I’m going to go against the grain here.

You’ve probably heard that all in one systems, like Karta, Podia and Kajabi are the way to go when it comes to running your business more efficiently and profitably.

I disagree.

These systems specifically can be used to communicate with your email list, sell your products and services, build landing pages and even build your entire website, among other things.

Here’s the problem – if your all in one platform goes down, your system goes down with it.

Imagine being in the middle of a launch and your all in one system goes down. Well, you can’t email your list. People can’t buy your products and services. Your clients can’t access their course materials – all because the system is down. That’s not a good feeling.

I thought all in ones were the way to go until I found out differently.

In summary, when it comes to all in one systems, proceed with caution and choose systems that help grow your business not hinder or limit it.

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