In one word, that’s what we are as entrepreneurs. We’re creators. We’re builders. We’re innovators. We’re designers.

That’s one of the things I love most about being an entrepreneur. We have the power to create ways to better serve our clients, communities and loved ones. That’s powerful.

As you read this article, remember that and know that you never have to face any part of this journey alone – ever. Reach out to me if there’s anything I can do to help you beyond the revenue strategies below.

If you’re looking to expand your current products and services or create new revenue streams, the following list will help you get started.

  1. Sell it first, then create it – Whether you’ve been wanting to launch a course or write a book, you can start getting paid before it’s done. And, no it doesn’t take a massive sales funnel to presell your course or book.
  2. Business in a Box – If you’ve been in business for a period of time, you’ve likely worked through a few kinks and challenges and found some shortcuts and keys to success that others looking to get started in your industry could benefit from. Package it up and sell it!
  3. Go Virtual – If your business historically has been face to face, consider offering your services virtually. Even if it’s not something anyone else is doing or has done, try it anyway. You never know what may come out of doing things a differently. If you’d like a blueprint to do webinars and/or virtual trainings, click here to join us in the Profit Is The New Black FB group. I’ll be hosting a free training on virtual events and trainings!
  4. Become an Affiliate – Are there services or products that your community could benefit from that you don’t offer? If so, sign up to become an affiliate and offer those systems or services to your community. When a member of your community signs up, you get paid.
  5. Offer Affiliate Opportunities – This works much like #4. You set up an affiliate program if you don’t have one that allows others an opportunity to sell your products and services. When someone buys you get paid and so does the affiliate.

Creator, which one of the ideas presented above will you be implementing in your business?

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