Have you ever sent a potential client a proposal only to never hear from them again?

Or, have you sent a proposal only to have the potential client tell you it’s out of their budget?

If you’ve encountered either of those scenarios, keep reading because I’m going to share 3 mistakes to avoid so you get more of those “invoice paid” notifications.

Before I jump in to the 3 mistakes, let’s first make sure that you have a process to prequalify your leads before they get on your calendar. It’s no fun getting on a call with someone who is not your ideal client.

Am I right?

One way to prequalify your leads is to have them complete a brief questionnaire before giving them access to your calendar. Beyond asking the basic information, create a list of questions that will help you determine if the prospect should be invited to book time on your calendar.

This one step alone can help reduce the number of people that run and hide or ghost you when you send your next proposal.

Now, let’s jump into the mistakes:

You’re on the call with the potential client and things are going really well. You gather all the necessary information and tell them you’ll send a proposal but you didn’t ask about their budget. Uh oh!

Mistake #1: Not asking the client about their budget

Yes, they may say they don’t have a budget but here’s the reality they likely have an amount in mind that they’re willing to pay and an amount that they’re not willing to pay.

Mistake #2: Sending the proposal without scheduling a proposal review meeting

When I hear business owners say they’re not hearing back after sending a proposal it’s usually because they didn’t schedule a proposal review meeting with the potential client.

Mistake #3: Not following up

Don’t leave it to the potential client to get back to you. You sent the proposal and they said they were ready to get started but you haven’t heard from them. We all know that life happens so don’t be afraid to follow up.

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