about me

Who’s that girl?

At the core, I’ve always been that ambitious, sassy chick who friends and family call on for advice because they know I’ll give it to them straight, no chaser. The girl whose infectious laugh, genuine spirit, and transparent demeanor breaks down the strongest barriers and allows people to get to their breakthrough. That’s my way – firm yet loving, in life and business. It’s funny because my clients often tell me that I’m who I “post to be” because I show up authentically, no matter the setting. 

The business bug bit me at a very young age as I watched my dad and uncles operate the family grass farming and landscaping business. I remember sitting in my dad’s office as a little girl, no more than six years old, playing on the ten key machine and pretending to log orders into the accounting ledger. Even then, I was completely enamored with the numbers. My eyes were always on the money, and frankly, that hasn’t changed much. 

Before I answered the call of entrepreneurship, I made a few pit stops along the way. I played it safe and went to college, scored a “good, corporate job” in investment banking where I helped raise over $1 billion (yes girl, that’s a “b”), and made my way to graduate school to further my education.

Needless to say, the “American Dream” wasn’t it…at least not for me. I was underwhelmed and highly disappointed to learn that there was no real security in corporate America. So, after searching for the “ladder”, I built my own. I decided to fully embrace the woman that the little girl was pretending to be many years ago and lay the foundation for what would become Profit Is The New Black®, LLC. I haven’t looked back since.

Today, more than ever, I know my purpose is to help entrepreneurs, namely women just like you, create insane profit and build your version of the “American Dream” – essentially, a life and business YOU love.

I know the work I do has a ripple effect that inspires, empowers, prepares, and guides other high-powered women to become profitable, too.

Lean in. I want you to catch what I’m about to throw: When your business is profitable, it’s operating at maximum efficiency and your revenue exceeds your expenses. See, the more profit you generate, the more choices, options and impact you’ll have not only in your business but in the lives of those you love and serve. A profitable business is a winning business, the pinnacle of success. It’s what all real entrepreneurs strive to achieve.

my purpose

So, forget what you heard…

Profit is sexy. Profit is an accurate measure of success.

And Profit is most definitely the New Black.

my favorites

My Favorite Things To Do


Indulge in beautiful, yummy desserts and plain ole’ celery (don’t judge me, OK?)


Collect Barbie dolls (my fave is the first black curly afro-rockin’ Barbie from the 1970s)


Lose myself in personal development and self-help books


Dance (with or without music)


Run (half-marathons are kinda my thing)


Spend time with my family


Travel the world

People are going to talk about you, whether you’re thriving or starving, so you might as well thrive. Make the story juicy!

Our Mission

We exist to educate and empower women entrepreneurs to thrive beyond the visible and build, grow, and sustain profitable service-based businesses that create more opportunities for even greater success.

Our Vision

Our goal is to leave a unique mark on the world through our powerful, authentic coaching, consulting, and training services that transform how women entrepreneurs view money and create wealth.

Our Values

The work we do goes hand in hand with our fundamental, unwavering beliefs:

  • We never expect you to do something we can’t or won’t do.
  • We push you out of your comfort zone to produce the best version of yourself.
  • We support you in your journey to build a more profitable business.
  • We stand for your vision and transformation, not your limitation. 
  • We hold you accountable every step of the way.
  • We create a safe, collaborative space for you to operate and grow.
  • We make time to laugh, dance, and connect with you on a personal level. 
  • We conduct business with the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and respect.

Official Bio

Shontaye Hawkins, MBA

Business coach, consultant, author, speaker, and CEO and founder of Profit Is The New Black®, no doubt, Shontaye Hawkins is a force to be reckoned with. Known as the Bottom Line Strategist™, she uses her extensive finance background to equip service-based female entrepreneurs with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to double their revenue and build highly profitable six and seven-figure businesses with confidence.

Backed by a BBA in finance and an MBA in strategy & entrepreneurship, Shontaye gets your profits rolling in with winning solutions that define, create, and cultivate true success. She has earned positions with several Fortune 500 companies, such as Goldman Sachs & Co., Bank of New York, and other industry leaders like Grant Thornton. In her role with Goldman Sachs & Co., she worked with top business leaders to build wealth of over $1 billion and attract high net worth clients and investors. Shontaye uses those same techniques learned in the corporate world to encourage female entrepreneurs to reach their full potential and build successful, more profitable futures through Profit Is The New Black®.

Shontaye is a best-selling author, having penned two books: Profit Is The New Black: Key Action Steps To Boost Your Bottom Line and The Profitable Woman’s Playbook: 15 Strategies To Win Big In Life & Business. A prolific speaker, Shontaye has been a Fox News Radio contributor and has been a featured guest expert on CBS Radio, Black Enterprise, BravoTV.com, List TV, and many other media outlets across the country. 

She has been a guest speaker for several conferences, podcasts, and summits over the years, delivering powerful messages, such as:

  • Big Money Strategies To Double Your Revenue And Profit
  • Show Me The Revenue: 7 Ways To Turn Every Day Into A Payday
  • There’s A Price For That
  • 5 Habits of Highly Profitable Women

Shontaye uses her signature framework, The Ultimate Profits System, to help clients identify the best action steps that turn money goals into big money paydays, keep profits in the black, and create massive business growth. Ultimately, she inspires and empowers women entrepreneurs to step into their profit, potential, and power to open up endless opportunities and gain immense freedom. 

When Shontaye isn’t working with trailblazing women, you can find her training for another half marathon, reading a good book, spending time with her family and friends, traveling the world, or simply living a highly profitable life on her terms.

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