The Real Profit Club


A business community for small business owners that provides everything you need to build a highly profitable and successful business

The Real Profit ClubTM is the business community you have been looking for.

YOU want to grow your business, make more money, achieve the success you’ve dreamed of, and make every day a payday.

But something is missing...

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You created a business that is fulfilling and liberating, yet that “lonely at the top” saying keeps rearing its ugly head
  • You aren’t sure what to say or what not to say when you are around your family and friends for fear of being given the "whatever happened to that job you had” speech
  • You feel you are getting farther and farther away from your business goals and the life of success you imagined because you feel isolated and disconnected

Or perhaps...

  • Your bank account is a roller coaster of cash flow (some months good, some months bad, some months who knows what happened!)
  • You can’t seem to nail the marketing/sales strategy that attracts high paying clients and generates consistent revenue and profit without losing sleep (bags of money is more sexy than bags under your eyes)
  • You’re afraid to increase your fees because you don’t want to lose clients and you’re tired of guessing how much to charge (your business is not the Price Is Right)
  • You find yourself feeling overwhelmed and drained from constantly chasing sales to increase revenue and boost your profits (this is not the running event you signed up for)
  • You have clients who struggle to pay you on time which causes your bank account to be in the red (so not good!)
If any (or most) of the above is eerily familiar…

The Real Profit ClubTM is the community you have been looking for, to FINALLY shatter your income ceiling, take your business to the next level, and be surrounded by the most supportive group of business owners you could have imagined.

What professions should join The Real Profit ClubTM?
We are a no profession left behind kinda group. Take a peek at the professions of
our members

Speakers, Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Graphic Designers, Website Designers, Speech Therapists, Business Consultants, Content Marketing Strategists, Virtual CFOs, Healthcare Recruiters, Authors, Videographers, Digital Marketers, Social Media Managers, Make-Up Artists, Virtual Assistants, Attorneys, Fitness Professionals, and much more.

The Real Profit ClubTM is designed to help you fill the gaps in your business whether you are hitting 4-figures monthly or 6-figures and more...the trainings and resources are designed to help you reach your desired income potential and beyond. That’s just how we roll…

In The Real Profit ClubTM I'll help you create results like this...

Shontaye helped me generate $13,800 within 30 days!

  • "I am so grateful that I took action and joined the Make It Rain Group Coaching Program as well as Shontaye's 2 day business retreat. I implemented the strategies we discussed and within 30 days, I added 6 new clients which totaled $13,800 in sales! Thank you Shontaye for showing me how to make it rain!"

    ~ Christina Riley Meade, Nerdy Girl Success
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In The Real Profit ClubTM I'll help you get results like Jasmine...

Jasmine York Ball

Shontaye helped me triple my revenue!

  • "I worked with Shontaye over the past three months and since then, not only have I started seeing more consistent income being generated in my freelance writing business, but we’ve also put together an action plan that has helped me so far to triple the revenue I used to generate month-to-month! When The Real Profit Club doors opened, I knew I had to join because the strategies she provides are unlike any other coach I’ve had in the past. Nothing was going to stop me from joining because the results I’ve seen thus far in working with Shontaye has been worth every penny! She knows her stuff and the price for this club is a steal!"

    ~ Jasmine York Ball, Freelance Writer | Magazine Editor

What’s included in your Real Profit ClubTM Membership?

  • Monthly Results-Driven Trainings
  • Live Monthly Mastermind and Strategy Calls
  • Virtual Business Development Workshops
  • Guest Expert Trainings
  • Profit Club Accountability Calls
  • Profit Vault Access: Templates, Scripts, Checklists, Audios and Video Resource Library
  • Business Feature Interview + Video
  • Private Members Only Facebook Group
  • Save on Private Coaching Programs and Events
  • Profit AllStar T-shirt (Full Annual Pay Members)

When you join The Real Profit ClubTM I'll work to help you get results like this...

Shontaye helped increase my income more than 300% and it's still increasing!

  • “Shontaye has been instrumental in helping me get my business to where it is now. My income has consistently increased, month after month. Her guidance in showing me how I could and should price services took me from overworked and underpaid to thriving and confident in my abilities and packages. Being an online business owner, it’s so easy to feel alone but the community experienced in her Price for Profit Bootcamp and the 10K Revenue Virtual Day made me see other women working just as hard as I was and made me realize that my goals were achievable."

    ~ LaTasha Booth | Virtual Assistant
Bonus - Emergence Success Solutions

Pay $149 $99 To Sign Up

And the NEXT 10 Members will receive:

LIVE Profit Planning Virtual Workshop with Shontaye!

Bring your game face and we’ll identify profit-building strategies and action steps to accelerate your results and propel you into 2018 during this live hands-on workshop. (value: $997)

Immediate Access to the No Excuses Revenue Bootcamp

Kickstart your membership with this 3 part video program to kick your revenue into high gear and flood your bank account with cash flow. (value: $597)

Save & Join The Real Profit Club Today!
Pay Only a $149 $99  to Join Today!
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Join TODAY and become a Profit All Star!
As a Profit All Star, you will be able to…

  • Make Money & Grow Your Business. Make the money you desire and deserve. No more guessing how to generate revenue, set (and increase) your fees, create your marketing plan and accelerate your profits.
  • Save Time & Money. With access to the resources, tools and templates in the Profit Vault, you no longer have to guess your next step. You can spend time on the highest income producing activities instead.
  • Gain Success & Achieve Your Goals. Be surrounded by a community who will push you beyond your limits, who REALLY want to see you succeed, who will cheer you on and hold your feet to the fire to reach your next level.
  • Be Inspired & Stay Motivated. Positivity and profit are the core of this community. You will be surrounded by members who are committed to learning and growing with other like-minded business owners.
And that is only the beginning...
Here’s a sneak peek of the training topics covered in
The Real Profit ClubTM

Profit Acceleration & Planning

Revenue Generating Activities

Target Audience & Ideal Client

Income Barriers & Money Leaks

Pricing Product & Services

Sales Process & Systems

Revenue & Profit Mapping

Financial Forecasting & Tracking

Strategic Planning

Online & Offline Marketing

Team Building & Hiring

Income & Expense Budgeting
And, there’s a WHOLE lot more…
About Shontaye Hawkins - Founder of The Real Profit ClubTM

When I first started my business, I just knew I was going to have the support of everyone around me. Everyone was going to be happy for me, support me, cheer me on, and I would be able to have endless conversation about my business and I would make money, my business would grow and I would live happily ever after.

But what I soon realized, that was not the case. I discovered that doubters were my best motivators and not everyone believed in me or cheered me on. Yes. It is true. And I remember tossing and turning late at night trying to figure out why. And then one day, when I was running, it hit me:

“Shontaye. Keep going. Those people that don’t “get” you, it’s ok. They are simply afraid to do the very things you are doing to be successful and be where you are. Just because you started your business, wrote a book, got featured on Fox and CBS Radio and in Black Enterprise, doesn’t mean you have arrived. You want more. You deserve more. And more is how you define it, not them. Just keep going Shontaye! You are destined for greatness”

Now fast forward to today...

After hundreds and hundreds of hours of coaching small business owners, I realized there was a pattern. They wanted to be heard, to share their big dreams, to have someone to bounce ideas off of, to challenge them to go get after their goals, and to be able to do that without being judged or looked down upon for not choosing the “traditional” road to success and freedom.

And so, I created a place where people no longer had to pretend to be what society (or your circle) wants you to be. You have a place to be the THE REAL YOU with your very REAL dreams and goals.

Inside The Real Profit ClubTM, I am going to use my extensive finance background and financial prowess to equip you with proven strategies to grow and build a highly profitable and successful business. I help entrepreneurs and small business owners eliminate money leaks and income barriers, identify and create their very own profit game plan so that they ultimately, achieve massive growth, success and profit. #WeProfitTogether

Before You Join The Real Profit ClubTM

It is no secret there are online coaches, mentors, and consultants out there teaching about profits – yet only a tiny few can legitimately back it up with real strategies, real results, real growth and real profits.

If you want a REAL plan to attract high paying clients, create consistent cash flow, and consistently keep your profits in the black -- then The Real Profit ClubTM is for You!

I ONLY share strategies, tools and resources that I have used to build my business and the businesses of my 6 and 7 figure private coaching clients. This is a no-fluff community. We focus on getting real results and real profit.

The Real Profit ClubTM will help you:

Grow Your Business. Achieve Massive Success. Make More Money.
And Accelerate Your Profits.

Save & Join The Real Profit ClubTM Today!
Pay Only $149 $99 to Join Today!
Select From 2 Payment Options
Got Questions? No Problem.

When does my membership start? 
Immediately! Once you pay the enrollment fee, you’re in! You’ll get immediate access to the current training, resources along with a few surprise bonuses.

What are my payment options?
Monthly or Yearly. You can choose the monthly payment option or you can pay in full and get 2 months free!

What if I miss a live strategy session or training? No problem, life happens! All sessions will be recorded and available in the Profit Vault for you to access as long as your membership is in good standing.

What if I want to cancel?
We're confident you will not want to cancel once you get in. However, if such a thing were to happen, you can do so at any time.

What if I have a question that is not listed here?
Email us at Info@ProfitIsTheNewBlack[dot]com with your question and a team member will get back to you.

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